Play CDs while saving them

Will a CD start playing automatically? Can I listen to it while saving it to my computer?

In most cases, inserting a CD into your computer will automatically launch RealPlayer and begin playback. The disc track list will appear under Library, in the CD/DVD view.

When you right-click on a track in the track list, you receive options to play it, add it to Now Playing, save it to the Library, or rename it.

By default, RealTimes will also automatically start playback every time you import a CD to the Library. Enable or disable this feature by opening  Preferences > CD, then clicking Additional CD Options.

Enable or Disable CD Playback While Saving Tracks

  1. Open >Preferences...
  2. Select CD.
  3. Click Additional CD Options...
  4. Select (check) or deselect "Automatically start CD playback when saving a CD". (Default is checked.)
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