Creating your own Stories

Can I create my own Story in RealTimes?

Yes, you can create your own Story on Android and iOS devices, and with the PC RealTimes application.

1. In your Library (Photos, Videos, Recent Activity, or Albums) select three or more photos and/or videos (scenes). You can also select an album from the Albums page, if you want to use the contents of the entire album. (Note: on Android devices you can also create a Story of short scenes from a single long video.)
2. Select Create Story (at the bottom left, next to Transfers).
3. Your Story will appear in a window and begin playing.
4. To save your Story, when it finishes playing, select Save. You can continue to edit your Story until you upload it to the Cloud.
5. To share your Story, click Share and follow the steps. After you click Share, the Story is saved to your Library as a video.

Why don't I see all the photos and videos I selected in my Story?

The default length for a Story is 30 seconds. To create a longer montage (for subscribers) or to change which photos and videos are included, click Scenes and select the additional items you want to include. To select all the items, click Select All in the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

Can I add photos or videos to an existing Story later, or make other changes to it?

Yes. When you save your Story, it's saved on the PC or device (in the program's database) where you created it. You can keep making changes to it on that PC or device until you're completely satisfied. You can even share it, and still make changes to it later. Once you upload your Story to RealCloud, then it can no longer be edited.

For more tips on editing and customizing your Story, click here.

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