Security of credit card transactions

How secure are credit card transactions with RealNetworks?

Tens of thousands of customers have already purchased our products through our online store, which uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Netscape developed this protocol to protect communications on the Internet, and SSL is the industry's standard way of transmitting commercial information around the world.

SSL protects your order information in two ways:

- When you click the "Order Now" button, your browser sends your information only to us. The browser does this by demanding to see an electronic certificate we hold that is virtually impossible to duplicate.

- Data sent through SSL is encrypted. Even if someone were able to "listen in," what they would hear would sound like a random stream of numbers.

You can check that your order will be safe by clicking the "Order Now" button before you fill in any personal information. Your browser will inform you that it is going to request a secure document and that all the information you send will be protected.

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