Checking if you are signed in

How can I tell if I am signed in to RealPlayer Plus, or RealTimes Premium or Unlimited?

To check if you have signed in to activate your Plus or subscription features:

1. Open RealPlayer on your PC and look for your user name in the upper right.

2. If you see a star next to your user name, you are signed in and your subscription/Plus features are active.

3. If you see Sign in, choose this option to sign in. 

If you see your user name but there is not a star next to it, try signing out and signing back in to activate your additional paid features.

Note: The RealPlayer logo in the upper left will no longer change to indicate a Plus account. The star in the upper right is the new indicator of a paid account.

In RealPlayer or later, if you click on your username, you should see the word PLUS appear underneath:

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