'Service Unavailable' error when signing in

Why do I get a "Service Unavailable" error when signing in to RealPlayer? 

If you get a "Service Unavailable" error when signing in, one of these solutions should fix the problem:

Solution 1: Check to make sure your Internet connection is working.

Solution 2: If you are using Internet Explorer, try resetting your security settings.

Solution 3: If you use Norton, disable ad blocking.

If the first two solutions don't work, the problem may be due to an issue with the Norton Internet Security software. Due to the way the sign-in page loads, Norton will sometimes block it, producing a "Service Unavailable" error.

To work around this error, you'll need to temporarily disable ad blocking and privacy service in the Norton Internet Security suite:

  1. Open Norton
  2. Click on Norton Internet Security
  3. Open Web Browsing (these components may in some cases be under a different tree)
  4. Disable Ad Blocking
  5. Disable Privacy Service
  6. Sign in again

Once you have signed in successfully, you may go back into Norton and re-enable ad blocking and privacy service.

Solution 4: Unblock RealPlayer in your computer's firewall.

If you're trying to access RealPlayer at work or if you have a personal firewall set up, this could be blocking the sign-in from completing. Follow these instructions to unblock the application.

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