Unable to access RealPlayer Plus (premium) features

Why can't I access the premium features even if I have subscribed to RealTimes or bought RealPlayer Plus?

If you're signed in to RealPlayer on your PC, you should be able to access all the paid features of RealPlayer Plus. Although some premium features, such as DVD burning, are available offline, you must be online to sign in to RealPlayer before you can use these features.

If you purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus, then upgraded to RealPlayer 18 without purchasing Plus or subscribing to RealTimes Premium or Unlimited, you will not be able to use your Plus features. You may either redownload RealPlayer 16 (which is no longer being updated, so some features may not work), purchase the upgrade to RealPlayer 18 Plus, or subscribe to RealTimes Premium at a discount.

If you're unable to install the additional Plus components, make sure you are signed into an administrator account on your PC. Read more.

If can't use any premium features: Make sure you're signed in to RealPlayer and are using the correct version. If you are already signed in, try signing out and signing back in--this will often trigger the installation of the additional components. If you are not using an administrator account on your computer, select the option to Run As Administrator. If the problem persists, you may need to delete and reset your cookies (files that contain information about your RealPlayer). Read below for instructions.

If you're having trouble using a specific feature: Click the name of the feature below (or try searching with the text of the error message you received):

Solution 1: Check to see that you are signed in to RealPlayer.

From the RealPlayer menu in the upper left, choose Sign in:


If you see "Sign out" as an option instead, this means that you are already signed in. If you are signed in and your Plus features are active, you will see a star next to your username in the upper right.

Solution 2: Make sure you are signed into the correct version of RealPlayer.

If you have signed in successfully, but cannot access any Plus features, you may be signed into a different version than the one you paid for.

For example, if you purchased RealPlayer 16, then updated to RealPlayer 18 without purchasing it, you will only be able to access the basic features. To access premium features and services, you will need to re-download the version you paid for, or purchase the upgrade to RealPlayer 18. RealPlayer 15 and older versions are no longer available for download, and are not supported.

If you are getting a message that says "RealPlayer Plus features require H264Encoder. You will now be signed out," this could also be related to the version you purchased being different from the version you are currently using. Please read Signed out of RealPlayer Plus when converting.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot sign-in issues.

First, try clearing all of your temporary Internet files, including your cookies:

1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools menu, then choose Internet Options.

3. Click Delete Cookies, then OK.

4. Click Delete Files, select the Delete all offline content check box, and then click OK.

For other browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari), click here for instructions.

This process may take a while, depending on how full your Temporary Internet Files folder is.

Solution 4: Correct your computer's system date.

If you can sign in, but then are immediately prompted to sign in again and the Sign in option is still visible from the Help menu, then your computer may have an incorrect system date (such as November 2019) that is interfering.

Each time you sign in, RealNetworks sets a player cookie, which gives you features and content access. This cookie is coded with an expiration date. If the system date is after this expiration date, the cookie instantly expires and you are automatically signed out as soon as you sign in.

1. Right-click the clock in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

2. Select Adjust Date/Time.

3. Make sure the date is correct.

4. Click OK, and then sign in again.

5. Reset your RealPlayer cookie. See Solution 6 below for instructions. This file is created the first time you sign in to RealPlayer. If the information in this file is incorrect, it can cause sign in problems. By deleting this file and then signing back into RealPlayer, you create a new cookie, which should clear up any incorrect information.

Solution 5: Enable cookies in RealPlayer.

1. Click the RealPlayer logo in the upper left, then click Preferences.

2. Under Connection, select Internet.

3. Ensure that Enable RealPlayer Cookies is selected.

4. Click OK.

Note: If you do not enable cookies, you won't be able to use the premium features and services you paid for.

Solution 6: Delete and reset your cookie.

1. If RealPlayer is open, close it.

2. On your keyboard: Hold down the Windows key and press the letter R.

3. In the Run box that opens, type %appdata%

4. Click OK.

5. Double-click the Real folder.

6. Double-click the RealPlayer folder.

7. Right-click the cookies.txt file.

8. Select Delete.

9. Close the window.

10. Start RealPlayer.

11. Sign in to create a new cookie file.

You should now be able to access the premium features.

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