'Page cannot be displayed' error

Why do I get a "Page cannot be displayed" error when signing in?

If you're trying to log in to RealTimes or RealPlayer, access a site, or access My Account at and you are getting the error "Page cannot be displayed," either Internet Explorer or your firewall or security software is blocking it.

To resolve this, try these solutions. After each one, try your action again, and if the issue persists, then try the next solution.

Solution 1: Check your internet connection.

Make sure you're connected to the internet by opening Internet Explorer and going to a site you don't usually go to (your most commonly visited sites are usually saved in temporary files on your computer) and verify you are getting web content. If you are not, reset your browser, router and modem to try to refresh the connection. Try to verify you are connected with the browser again and if so, retry the sign-in.

Solution 2: Delete your web browser's temp files and change the privacy and security settings.

First, reset your web browser.

If your browser is getting web content but RealTimes or RealPlayer is not, it is probably being blocked by security software or settings. Make sure that any security software or firewall you're using has exceptions created to "always allow" RealTimes or RealPlayer access to the system and the internet.

Solution 3: Adjust your firewall software to unblock RealTimes or RealPlayer.

Additionally, make sure you are right-clicking on the icon for RealPlayer and selecting "run as administrator" to launch the program with proper permissions. Also, before opening the program, disable any "Compatibility Settings" by right-clicking on the RealPlayer icon, choosing "properties", "compatibility", and then unchecking any compatibility settings there.

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